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The Parish Church of St Alban Protomartyr in King's Road, Romford, is a small Victorian church which was built in 1890.  Situated in a quiet residential side-street, away from the bustling centre of Romford's market town, this little 'catalogue'  Gothic building houses some outstanding contemporary Ecclesiastical art for which it has won 25 Design Awards.
There is a very useful description of the church in Jonathan Evens' blog here.

St Alban's is a Traditional Anglo-Catholic Parish in The Church of England, coming  under the Episcopal Care of The Bishop of Richborough.  It is registered with Forward in Faith and is a Corporate Member of the Church Union. 

The Vicar is The Reverend Father Roderick S.P. Hingley, B.A. who plays a very active role in the development of the Church both locally and wider afield.  Father Hingley has a keen interest in the Visual Arts and it is his commitment that has led to the commissioning of new Ecclesiastical artworks within the building. 

In 2006 the Church Times carried an article about St Alban's, praising the church interior.  "From the outside there is little to suggest that once inside we will find ourselves transported to the very gates of heaven ... the church is worth travelling hundreds of miles to see."


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