JULY 2018


St Alban's in King's Road, Romford, is a small Victorian, red-brick church which was built in 1890.  Situated in a quiet residential area away from the bustling centre of Romford's market town, 'tucked-away' in a side-street, this little 'catalogue'  Gothic building houses some amazing contemporary Ecclesiastical artwork for which it has won numerous Design Awards.

St Alban's is a Traditional Anglo-Catholic Parish in The Church of England.  Under the Episcopal Care of The Bishop of Richborough, Provincial Episcopal Visitor, it is registered with Forward in Faith and a Corporate Member of the Church Union.  Enjoying 'Full Catholic Privileges' there is Solemn Mass and Solemn Evensong and Benediction every Sunday; a Daily Mass and Solemn Mass on Major Saints and Feast days; Perpetual Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament and Confessions at advertised times and by appointment.

The Vicar is The Reverend Father Roderick S.P. Hingley, B.A. who plays a very active role in the development of the Church both locally and wider afield.  Father Hingley has a keen interest in the Visual Arts and it is his vision and commitment that has led the Church to succeed in commissioning innovative contemporary Ecclesiastical Art of a consistently high standard, for which the Parish holds twenty-one Chelmsford Diocesan Advisory Committee Design Awards.  It is St Alban's experience that the Visual Arts are a great vehicle in communicating The Christian Gospel and a tremendous asset in their work with Schools from Reception to Sixth Form, including those pupils with Special Needs.

The Church plays its full part in the WIDER CHURCH both at Deanery and Diocesan level.  St Alban's is committed to reaching the wider community through the development of several Ministries.  In addition to meeting the Spiritual Needs and Pastoral care of regular members, St Alban's extends its warm hospitality to all who come through its doors.


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